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Serious Musicians!
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We are serious musicians! Whether we do it for a career, or are trying to do it for a career, or just as a hobby on the side, we are serious about making music, improving our music skills, and sharing our music with others.


  • Share your experiences as a musician: practicing at home, teaching (or taking lessons), dealing with band members or agents or venues, performing, anything else related to making music.

  • Ask for advice on specific music techniques, music instruments/equipment, music careers, or getting into the music business.

  • Post your work and ask for critique, opinions, advice for improvement.

  • Above all, make friends with fellow musicians! Introductory posts are OK, in fact I encourage people to share personal experiences and feelings, and to get to know each other in the community.


  • DO NOT make off-topic posts. Making music is a pretty broad topic, so it should be easy to stay on topic.

  • DO NOT share illegal mp3s or any other copyrighted media. You can share your own music, but don't share others' without their permission. I have seen LiveJournal shut down communities because of illegal mp3-sharing, and I do not want that to happen to this community.

  • If you must use a MySpace player, put it behind an lj-cut. Anything that auto-plays on peoples' friends pages will be deleted.

  • Please put any images exceeding 320 x 320 (in either direction) behind an LJ-cut.

  • Please LJ-cut any promotion of you or your band.

  • You are strongly discouraged from posting about other musicians that you are a fan of, if it does not relate to your own experience as a musician.
    OK: "I am a songwriter and my influences are X Y and Z."
    OK: "I am trying to learn XYZ's new hit single on the guitar, do you have any tips?"
    NOT OK: "XYZ artist has a new album out, and I love their new music video."

  • Above all, please be respectful of the community and its members. Friendly debate is fine, but if it turns into name-calling and insulting specific members, then I will have to remove people from the community, and I really don't want to have to do that!

This community is maintained by sabournine. If you would like to help out as a moderator, or if you have any suggestions, complaints, comments of any sort, then please comment in my livejournal, and I will address the issue.